BDSI is proud to supply antennas manufactured by the leader in airborne antenna technology: HAIGH-FARR. 

We consider our partnership with Haigh-Farr to be one of our crowning glories. There are over 40,000 Haigh-Farr antennas on the aircraft and space vehicles of 16 different countries.  BDSI is proud to share in the reputation and performance of Haigh-Farr’s wide array of special use antennas in bands ranging up to KU.


  • Wraparound antenna - omni- directional antenna  for cylindrical or conical shaped bodies
  • Blade antennas - are a family of low-cost  antennas covering the 1.4 GHz Telemetry to 6.0 GHz .
  • Slot antenna - provides the same radiation pattern characteristics  as a blade antenna in a thin, conformal, aerodynamic package

  • Button Antennas - for applications where small size and low weight are critical. 
  • GPS antennas - conformal and can be mounted  flush or on the exterior of the vehicle.